Conditions treated

Your spine is the house for your spinal cord. It protects the spinal cord from which nerves to almost every single part of your body is branched out. Our doctors at Chan Family Chiropractic focus on locating, analyzing and correcting subluxations which are the cause of many health-related problems.  When your body is functioning optimally, it will heal. We do not treat any specific symptoms as symptoms is a manifestation, not a cause of the problem.
When the body is functioning optimally, the following conditions generally improved drastically and many will be completely resolved:

•    Headaches and Migraines
•    Torticollis
•    Whiplash
•    Neck pain and Shoulder pain
•    Frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
•    Pain between shoulders
•    Numbness and Tingling
•    Wrist pains/Carpal tunnel
•    Pregnancy related back pains and numbness in extremities (legs, wrists)
•    Low back pain
•    Hip Pain
•    Sciatica
•    Bulging/ ”Slipped” discs
•    Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease
•    Pelvic Pain
•    Muscle Stiffness and Fatigue
•    Posture Problems
•    Extremities issues (Elbow Pain/ Wrist Pain/ Knee pain/ Ankle Pain/Foot pain)
•    Sports Injury