What our patients say about us

My name is Jerri. I was a patient of Dr. Roy Chan at Sherman Chiropractic College. Dr. Chan is very competent and thorough. My health concerns were assessed and treated in a very professional manner. Dr. Chan treats the ‘whole’ patient in order to maintain your health needs. Jerri Williams
My name is Milom W. I am a long distance truck driver. My wife was going to the Sherman Chiropractic College for numbness in her fingers. She came home very excited after treatment one day and told me about a very significant positive difference in her hands. She told me that I should come along and get checked out. I had never been to a chiropractor and to be totally honest I had zero faith in chiropractic care. I half-heartedly went along with my wife. Mostly to be able to say to her, I told you so. Well, I was totally wrong. I could not deny the changes in my wife. I was introduced to Dr. Roy Chan. I was very open minded and listened. After my examination, Roy talked about my posture and the rigors of my profession. Years on the road is hard on one’s body. I know. Roy adjusted my spine. At first, I thought I can’t tell a difference. BUT, I came back every week and saw Roy. I began to see a big difference in how I felt. I was not as tired. I had more flexibility in my neck. Then Roy talked to me about diet and exercise. My wife and I started walking for exercise and eating healthier. And of course weekly visits to our chiropractor Mr. Roy. I feel so much better! Thanks to my wife and Roy.Milom Williams
I was under Chiropractic care due to back pain, with Dr.Tracy Tan for over a year. During my time with her, she really helped to improve my back issues. She was able to locate my problem areas and address the pain. My 4 year old daughter was also under her Chiropractic care and enjoyed going to see her for every appointment. She was very friendly and took her work seriously. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tracy TanChad Smith
My experience as a patient under the care of Dr. Roy Chan at Sherman College of Chiropractic has been excellent. He is a true professional. He is knowledgeable, thorough, skilled, gentle, respectful and caring. My experience was always positive and my back and neck issues greatly improved under his care. Dr. Chan always went above and beyond in my care and I highly recommend him as a chiropractorSusan Luna
It has been my privilege and a pleasure to know Doctor Tracy Tan. I met her in October of 2015 when she performed a spinal assessment on me at a Chamber of Commerce function. I had been having issues with my neck and back for a long time and without my saying anything, she was quickly able to identify the areas where my pain were originating. I set up a schedule with her to treat my issues and can say without any reservation that she has helped me immensely! When we started, I had been having lower back spasms for a couple of years and within a couple treatments, I have not had a back spasm since, almost a year. She also took care of a nagging pain in my neck as well. As a Doctor, I found her to be knowledgeable, caring, professional, and compassionate. She explained what was needed, how she would correct the issue, and checked with me throughout the treatment process to make sure all was ok. I will also attest to ability to work with all patients, as personally, I wear hearing aids and she was able to work on my neck issues without my having to remove them. She is very attentive to all health aspects and was very knowledgeable on ways to improve overall health with regards to different things to eat and drink, exercises to help with posture and an overall approach to health. It is bittersweet that I am writing this as she now moves on to the next chapter of her life and career because I will no longer have the pleasure of having her to handle my spinal care. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs spinal care and wish her much success in her practice and will miss her smile and personal, yet professional manner. Rich Hause
I recommend Dr. Roy Chan for all your Chiropractor needs. After a few years for with severe neck and back pain, Dr. Chan was able to reduce my neck and back pain from 10 to zero. Thank you Dr. ChanAnthony Taylor
Roy Chan was my intern for several months before he graduated. Roy exceeded my expectations. During each visit, he educated his patients on the analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations. I would recommend Roy to anyone, and he made his patients feel safe and comfortableChristopher Pawlicki
Tracy does an outstanding job providing wonderful chiropractic care.  She consistently goes above and beyond to give me the best care and offers advice for a healthy life style in all regards.  Tracy has been a great caregiver, as well as a great friend!  I am sad to see her go but know she will be fantastic in all her future endeavours!Devon Wilson
During the time Roy treated me, he showed great dedication, professionalism, and expertise. I have nothing but gratitude and satisfaction with his service, I would be very glad to refer him to more patients given the chance.Chen Ye
I’m Jessica. Dr. Tracy Tan was my chiropractor at Sherman Chiropractic College. From The first moment you meet Dr. Tan, you are put at ease by her friendly disposition. She is caring and patient. Dr. Tan ensures you understand the treatment plan that will meet your health needs. Jessica Bryant
Thank you Roy! You have excellent skills, compassion and dedication! Never change! Good luck in your new path and let me know when I can officially call you Doctor!!! Jerry Stockler
非常感謝陈志光医師這半年來对我和我太太的脊椎骨医治調理,他在每次的治療都會很仔細問清楚身體各部分的近况才開始進行检查, 找出有問題的位置再作調理並告訴我們如何做一些對脊椎骨維護的柔軟運動,因對陈医師的信任,我們也介紹了附近的朋友去接受檢查. (I am very grateful to Dr Roy Chan for the Chiropractic care to my wife and I for the past six months. He is meticulous in his analysis in each spinal examination. He will be asked to clarify the status of the discomfort and ailments before investigating the cause of subluxation. He also advise us on rehabilitative modalities and maintenance of spinal health. Because we trusted Dr. Roy Chan, we also introduced friends to him.) Mr Chan Siu Sin and his wife Mao Xin Lu, Flora
Dr. Roy fue mi quiropráctico durante tres o cuatro meses. Puedo decir con categoría y certeza que es un excelente doctor con gran capacidad. En cada cita podía sentir mi progreso. Siempre recibí un excelente trato y respeto. Lo recomiendo 100% con toda mi confianza. Gracias Dr. Roy, Dios lo bendiga. Fue un placer haberlo conocido y ser su paciente. (Dr. Roy was my chiropractor for three or four months. I can say with category and certainty that he is an excellent doctor with great capacity. At every appointment I could feel my progress. I always received excellent treatment and respect. I recommend 100% with all my confidence. Thank you Dr. Roy, God bless you. It was a pleasure to have met him and to be his patient.) Emelda Elizabeth Miralda
38 weeks pregnant with breech baby position, I was desperate to look for ways to help baby turn. I came across webster technique and found Chan Family Chiropractic does the technique and so decided to give it a try! I was very amazed by how accurate she could pin point the pain and sore spots that I have never notice before. It was really my privilege to know Dr Tracy. She has been so sincere and genuine in helping me, giving me the attention I need and also helping to schedule as many appointments as possible within a short time frame. She takes time to explain the area that she is working on and how she is doing it, giving me a lot of assurance. As the name suggests, it’s really a family clinic with lots of warmth, passion, and trust with Dr Tracy and Dr Roy! I highly recommend Chan Family Chiropractor!. Chong Shin Kay
Experienced pain in the lower back and decided to pay Dr Chan’s clinic a visit. I must say I was very impressed with his approach which is very different from what other chiropractors do. Lower back is a lot better now with the adjustments made. Will definitely be back again to sort out other problematic areas. 毅涵
Thanks to Tracy, she helped to reduce my knee pain in my 1st visit. Looking forward to complete recovery and no surgery. Cynthia Kang Lay Hwa
My neck ache disappeared just after 1 session by Dr. Roy. I have been going for frequent massages and acupuncture over the years to ease the pain and I’m amazed by what Dr. Roy accomplished in just one session of spine adjustment. Elijah Yang
Dr Roy Chan is a very knowledgeable and his treatment have helped me improved my back from the pain I suffer from my slipped disc for just 3 sessions with him! Daniel Koh
I having been experiencing numbness on my lower left leg and over the years the area affected started to have a black mark on the skin. This I was advised was due to blood flow issue affecting this area. I have consulted TCMs and Chinese ‘Tuina’ but was not successful to ‘cure’ this problem (20 years!!!) until Dr Roy Chan took a look at this. Well, as you can say, the rest is history. I do feel the numbness but its not as bad ad it was when I first visited Chan Family Chiropractic. I can now stand on my left leg without any support which was impossible before I visited Dr Roy Chan. Thank you so much Dr Roy Chan. I can go back to playing squash again with such power that my team members wonder what happen to me. My body felt like all systems and joints are loss and become unstuck after these few visits to you. Thank you Derek Tan K T
I have known Roy for years in the military. Consulted him yesterday to fix my neck aches. Woke up this morning with more than half the problems gone. A thorough, balanced and caring doctor. Truly amazed by his mix of chiropractic and accupressure knowledge to diagnose my problem. The Army loss a good officer but the society gained a wonderful doctor.Chee Boon
I know Dr Roy since army days, glad to be under his care for my back problem. He is very professional, provide advice and treatment to help maintain my back and not let the situation deteriorate further.Kang Seng-Poo
My mum has difficulty walking especially when walking down the stairs. From her back view, one can see that her body is slanted with one hand on the rail and getting her legs down one at a time. It pains my heart. I understand that with proper chiropractor care, my mum may improve her quality of life. So the question is to search for a reliable chiropractor. Roy & Tracy were our long time friends and with much understanding of their profession, I brought my mum to see them. After one session with Dr Tracy, my mum was able to walk down the stairs in a straight manner. I was amazed at the moment. My mum said that she had a good night sleep after that session. Thank you Dr Roy & Dr Tracy!Chen MinHui Jac
Very professional and nice place. Wife’s elbow has been troubling her the past year. Dr Chan patiently and professionally explained the causes. And the therapy definitely works for my wife. She immediately confirmed another session on the spot. Barry Hew

Feeling so good yesterday after my first visit to Doc Tracy.
Amazed by how she can relieved my back pain instantly.
This morning I am feeling so relaxed and happy.
Will definitely recommend her service to my friends.
Thanks Tracy Alice Phua

Great job by Dr Chan. Very knowledgeable and reduced the pain from my slip disc after a few session👍👍Lawrence Koh
We have gone back for many follow ups week after week following my intense back pain, and both Dr Roy and Dr Tracy have been very thorough and meticulous in the assessment and treatment. It's painless and highly recommended. My back issues have got so much better, thanks to the both of them at Chan Family Chiropractic.
It's definitely a great benefit for those in pain, and it's painless.Adam Assik Shahrir
I started trying chiropractic due to back pains from my past epidural effects, which has affected my back for over 2 years. Chiropractic treatment with DR Tracy has certainly helped as I have completely recovered. For now, it's more like spine maintenance. I also learnt a lot from DR Tracy, who took the trouble to extensively explain during every treatment session. The best thing is that it is painless and medicine-free. If only people knew the power of chiropractic therapyIvy Noviasari
1st visit was attended by Dr Tracy with much care and attention with detail analysis and explanations on each part of body she touched. Now that I have better understanding of my problem. She even message me the next day following up the adjustment done which touched my heart as well. What differ Dr. Roy & Tracy from other similar doctor in practice was their passion in their profession. And the love for the health & well being of patient whom they treats.
Thanks and best wishes to you and family. Lily Kok
Based on a recommendation from a friend, I went to Dr Roy Chan to seek treatment for my relapse of slip disc.
He listened and asked many questions so as to better understand my condition.
Dr Chan’s passion and perseverance on the job, and his consistent follow ups with watsapp messages to check on my condition goes beyond the extra mile.
I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr Roy Chan for his dedication and professionalism.KH Tan
Instead of the usual “Sunday idle”, I went to an appointment with a chiropractor, Dr Roy, at the Chan Family Chiropractic. Since I do get the dull ache of pain in the back while sitting or standing at times, I guessed I should go to someone trained to check it. I felt refreshed after the adjustments (only forgotten to relax my muscles at times during the process).
Having a healthy spine is the key of being healthy, agree?Tay Chee Chong
Growing old doesn't mean you have to live in pain. I have been suffering from cervical spondylosis for 25 years. When I went for physiotherapy 12 years ago, my pain decreased but it never fully resolved until I came to Chan Family Chiropractic for treatment in May 2017. Since coming here for regular chiropractic care, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health and a big reduction of my headaches. I can sleep so much better now and I hardly have any headaches now! Thank you, Dr Roy Chan and Dr Tracy Tan for addressing my health concerns! Connie Quek
I know Roy for many years since we are in service. Yesterday, i was treated by Dr Roy on my spine and neck areas. He is detailed and meticulous in his professional practice: he took about more than an hour to examine my body from head to toes, and past and current experiences. After my treatment, I feel lots of reliefs on my neck and back that allowed me to move more freely without limitations. Coming Thursday, I am seeing Dr Roy again to zero in some of my problems ares. I am happy to know that Dr Roy can help me:) Henry Koh
I visited Dr Chan today for an assessment and he was amazing! He was methodological and knowledgeable with his diagnosis. He also corrected several areas of posture and shoulder issues that I had and gave me tips and advice. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a spinal assessment to visit Dr Chan! Gerald Tan
Very professional and very reassuring. My chronic shoulder ache is almost fully recovered after 2 sessions! Tang Kok Yong
I was recommended by my colleague to see Dr Roy, the Chiropractor from Chan Family Chiropractic as I have chronic back pain from recurring injury.
When I first visited Dr Roy, I found him to be a very caring and passionate person who listens to my medical issues patiently. His assessment of my medical problems is very detailed. He explained to me my problems and have good treatment plans for me.
I noticed Dr Roy used different therapy treatments as compared to other chiropractors. I am much better and felt much relief after a few treatments from Dr Roy. The exercises taught by Dr Roy are useful and effective. Besides the treatments, Dr Roy also encouraged me to have proper diet and exercises to improve my quality of life.
I will recommend Dr Roy to anyone who needs chiropractic treatments.
Thank you, Dr Roy!Gina Wong
Dr. Roy has been a great help to me in resolving my Achilles Tendonitis issues along with the root causes of this condition. His patient demeanour, clear and concise explanations of his treatment are re-assuring and comforting. Highly recommended! Adam Shah
I am a competitive athlete. I have lots of joints issues and lower back pain coming into the clinic. Dr Roy is really professional in dealing with my injuries and helping me to be the best in my sport. Highly recommend to all sportsman!Zeon Loh
I’ve known Roy while he was still in service as a regular officer. He is now, as he was then, a consummate professional dedicated to his trade. I visited Roy after a severe back pain refused to subside. The first visit provided a great deal of relief as he meticulously addressed not just my spinal injury but I am also appreciative of his total approach to treatment, which included advice or exercise regime and diet. By the next day the pain was almost gone and after the second visit three days later I am back to my normal activities. He has a strong grasp of his professional knowledge and sets you at ease with his demeanour and confidence. I would strongly recommend his servicesVarma Sadanand
I have known Dr Tracy since 2009. I am seeing Dr Tracy Tan as I have been having back pain for about three years. Dr Tracy Tan is very good and cares about my well being. I feel much better after my first session. I recommend Dr Tracy Tan as she is very patient and professional. My dad is seeing Dr Roy Chan. My dad has neck pain and back pain. Dr Roy is very knowledgeable, caring and patient too. After the first session, my dad can feel immediate relief too!Wang Pei Feng
I ‘ve decided to see a chiropractor on the recommendation of a friend. Here at Chan Family Chiropractic, I was made to feel welcomed right from the start by both Dr Tracy and Dr Roy. Dr Roy is all that I can ask for in a medical practitioner. He is thorough in his investigation and was very patient with my questions. Most importantly for me, he helped me understand what issues I have; what was not “working” and why. He also explained what he is going to do and how those treatments will help.
Great to note is there is no pressure to purchase any treatment package like I had to do so before with a well known clinic!
I’m hoping to see more improvements with multiple visits.
Overall, it was a pleasant first experience and I felt that I am well taken care of.Kelly Cheang
I’ve been doing triathlons (i call myself a triathlon enthusiast) for nearly 10 years and I’ve always ran with an underpronating left feet and a neutral right feet. Evident from my shoe wear from the left metatarsal area always wear out extremely fast compared to other parts of my shoes. I’ve tried various methods from adjusting my running style (chi-running) to changing shoes(till i settled on the mizuno series for the extra rubber at the metatarsal area so it can last longer).
During my 1st session, Roy mentioned my left leg was 0.5cm shorter and it became 1.5cm shorter when i faced my head to the left. After his adjustments, I left without feeling anything weird/special.
Fast forward to my 2nd session, I realised my left feet pronation problem has actually improved. The wear is not so close to the extreme left of my metatarsal anymore. I was doing 6 sessions of intervals and a 13k long run in between the 1st and 2nd appointment with 4 sessions of intervals on hard tarmac. I have a habit of checking my shoe wear every now and then.
Amazingly I never knew chiropractic can improve pronation problems and the best part I like is there’s no hardselling and scare tactics, only the honest truth based on his professional opinion.
Roy’s definitely the go to guy for all your chiropractic needs!Quek Hock Leong Ian
Before my first trip to Chan Family Chiropractic 3 weeks ago, I’ve always been slightly skeptical about chiro treatments as I’ve signed up for a package once which was so costly and did not resolve my back issue. I have a degenerative spine and scoliosis amongst several other issues with my back and an aching back is something I thought I had to live with for the rest of my life. But when I saw that my sister, who also used to have back issues seemingly much better after treatments at Chan Family Chiro, I decided to give the Chan family a try. I just completed my third session 2 days ago with Dr Roy Chan and this morning, to my amazement, for once in years, I woke up from bed without that nagging pain in my back!! Finally! After going through all those physio, tui na, accupunctures, I’ve found a treatment that works! Thank you so much Dr Roy Chan! I love my active lifestyle and with your treatments, I am sure I’ll continue to remain active for a long time…pain-free! Looking forward to continued treatments towards a stronger spine!. Katherine Ong
Thank you Dr Roy and Tracy, since Bryant sees you on regular basis, he energy level had changed alot. He used to be in extreme lethargic mode everyday feeling tired all the time but now he is so alive awake enthusisatic, he is much more energetic and is more focus in studies and completing tasks. 走路都有风! Murray Ho
Roy and Tracy are the most passionate ppl I have met in improving my health!! Probably more than myself!!! I have felt my posture improved so much and my back pain has completely went away! Highly recommended! Pierre Lim
My wife and I were travelling to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia from the UK over a 3 week duration. Whilst in HK and after swimming I contracted severe back spasms and much pain in the lower back. Which resulted in me having severe difficulty in walking. I have suffered this a number of times in the past. We then had a 3.5 hour flight to Singapore! Once in Singapore we ‘googled’ chiropractors and found the Chan’s located below our apartment.......! I had two visits on the same day! The result was that Dr Chan and his wife diagnosed my problem, which is longer than I had understood. With their treatment I was able to walk properly, with the correct posture, the pain and spasms had been greatly reduced. I was able to enjoy the remaining part of our holiday successfully which I would not have been possible without seeking professional help. I can now seek the appropriate care in the UK to hopefully cure my health problem. Thank you Dr Roy and Dr Tracy for your natural treatment that was administered. The outcome? I would thoroughly recommend the Chan Practice, not only for their professionalism and humility but also as they have enormous faith in natural treatment as their philosophy is, ‘no drugs and no surgery’.Robin Madden
After 15 years of back pain and many treatments in France, I went to visit Dr Roy Chan while in vacations in Singapore.
The pain was precisely located in the middle left of the back, and there was a tension of my muscles all around this spot.
After Dr Roy’s treatments, especially spine realignment, I have felt the best relief so far- my tensions have drastically reduced, and the pain has shrunk so I can practice more activities than ever before.
I feel more balanced and strong, and definitely recommend Dr Roy's clinic.P-a Therméa
It was by chance that my family and myself found Dr Chan on a Sunday morning through googling the available options. We were grateful that we did as both Dr Roy & Dr Tracy were GOOD. They were able to pinpoint our family(myself, my wife n my oldest daughter) problems, explained clearly what was wrong and we could immediately feel the difference! Been going back for treatment since and never regretted it. Chong Yong Kiong
Dr Tracy was professional and gentle with my 32 weeks pregnant wife. My wife was relieved from her back pain just after the first visit!! Recommended for those in need of effective pain relief without taking any pain medication.Mohamed Firdaus Mohamed Salleh
I had an ache in a very specific spot in my back for almost 3 years. It was tedious getting any relief at all, with stretching and massaging doing nothing to help. Dr Roy saw me on this issue for a few sessions and put in extra hours while charging me the normal rate. 3 sessions later, the pain is entirely gone.

The two of them are extremely professional and have incredible bedside manner. They operate with a science behind what they do and they take care in diagnosing and treating their patients. Their technique and methods are so different from our impression of chiropractors and their cracking. Would absolutely recommend to anyone, not even if you have any aches or pains to pay them a visit. They can really improve your quality of life. Cliffton Chong

I had back pain since 2015. After tried all sort of chinese medical, the pain still persist and unbearable.I decided to seek further treatment thru chiropractic. I was recommended to Dr Roy chan.Today, my back pain issue tremendously reduce and I find myself more active than before .I would like to thank Dr Chan for professional, patience,friendly & dedicated service. in addition I have learned tips from him for healthy diet and my back stretching.Raymond Ng Yl
Dr. Chan is very professional. He starts off with some introduction of what possibly could cause pain in your body. He then starts with a series of test to see what possible other causes may that may or may not indirectly affect the pain you currently have. The price is affordable and one thing I must say they are not pushy in terms of “packages”. Quality and amazing chiropractic practice around Kembangan area. Highly recommended! 👍Mohamad Firdaus Salleh
I injured my lower back while exercising, not exactly sure which workout caused this problem too. Visited GP for a few rounds of anti-inflammatory pills as well as tcm, the soreness at my lower back didn’t subside much, some days were good, some days it came back and I couldn’t bend my body without feeling sore. Dr. Tracy has been very patient, kind and helpful, my spine was realigned and felt great after each session. Now i am back at my gym, all thanks to Dr. Tracy!Shann Yheng
I found Chan Family Chiropractic because my learning centre happens to be along the same stretch of shops. Little did I know that he would be a blessing to the ailments that I had. With the extensive knowledge that Dr Chan has, he has helped me with my back pain issues and even helped me diagnose correctly the issues that even my specialist doctor had no clue what to do! I’m now on the way to full recovery and can feel a big difference in my body! Thank you Chan Family Chiropractic!Saiful Rizal
I had a sharp back pain that had been persisting for months despite trying various massage techniques. However, when I visited Chan Family Chiropractic, I felt immediate relief after the first visit. Despite the pain being located on a specific part of my back, Dr. Chan did a comprehensive assessment of my entire body to identify problematic areas and sources of discomfort. Being a competitive swimmer, Dr. Chan also helped me identify weakness in my muscles that I myself had not noticed and gave me exercises and stretches to help ensure that my muscles were balanced and activating correctly. In as little as four visits, I am now able to painlessly move my back with full range of motion and once again compete at high level in the pool. Furthermore, scheduling appointments could not be more convenient as there were many times I WhatsApp messaged them within 24 hours of the appointment and they were able find time in their schedule to accommodate me despite the late notice. For such a professional and effective service, the prices are quite affordable. It is clear that Dr. Chan cares about his clients and aims at providing patients with long term solutions in addition to immediate pain relief. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that I came across Chan Family Chiropractic and highly recommend their services to everyone.Jorge Paolo Casas