14 Mar 2017
March 14, 2017

It is the little thing that matters!

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Have you even wondered why so often in life it is the little thing that matters? Like the small slit of paper cut on your finger that irks you all day, the small mouth ulcer at the corner of your tongue that totally ruin your appetite when your mom cooks your favorite dish.

This time round, I like to share with you on this little mighty bone called “Atlas”. Some may remember in Greek’s mythology, Atlas was a Titan who revolted against gods and as a punishment, condemned to hold the heavens aloft forever. He is the linchpin between heaven and earth. His movement creates massive impact to heaven and earth.

Similarly, in our body, Atlas plays an equally significant role. Atlas, aka. C1, is the first vertebra just underneath the skull and all our nerves exit from the brain passes through this bone. Just like the Atlas Titan, any changes to this “linchpin” can influence major functional changes to our body system. A minute misalignment of Altas may make your head tilt sideway (obviously to some of us, aesthetically, it isn’t attractive to have head looked sideway), but more importantly, this misaligned Atlas can lead to a myriad of physiological effects in our body such as increased muscle tension, mechanical stress to ligaments causing inflammation, reduced blood flow to brain, distorted nerves transmission, reduced respiration depth, heighten heart rate and raises your blood pressure.

In a research study (attached for your reading pleasure), the results indicated that correcting the misalignment of Atlas vertebra led to a marked and sustained reduction of blood pressure in 90.6% of hypertensive patients participated in that study. A correction of Atlas misalignment can create huge positive physiological changes to your body and health.

Correcting misalignment is a small thing, but getting your children and your loved ones back to optimal health are a huge thing. So little things do matters!

Carpe diem!

PS: Don’t wait till tomorrow, but to live each day as its very last.


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Dr. Roy Chan is a local born and bred Singaporean who graduated from the esteemed Sherman College of Chiropractic, U.S.A. with honours (Cum Laude). He is the clinic director of Chan Family Chiropractic.

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