Killer, right…that’s me in the eyes of my long-time buddy cum colleague. It befuddles him when I told my close friend that I have decided to move on to another awesome profession, to be a Chiropractor.

My fifteen over years in Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has always been preparing for war, from training soldiers, developing new fighting concepts, capabilities, learning systems, leadership development and as land campaign planner. Ain’t all that about killing enemies? Actually not. It is all about protecting our people, my loved ones from harm and that is and always been my sole purpose, my conviction and my guiding post.

Then he goes “Why quit a good paying job, spend 4 years, squandering your life savings, leaving your family and friends for a profession that’s so drastically different?”

It isn’t drastically different. In fact I am sure that it is actually quite similar. The fundamental idea behind Chiropractic is that our body has the ability to heal itself with the optimum nerve expression. With a good nervous system, our body is able to better protect itself against diseases, deterring foreign bacterial and viral invaders. The basis of living a happy healthy life is to keep ourselves healthy and not picking up the pieces after falling sick. Just like in the military, we want to prevent war by being well-prepared for it. It is the highest form of deterrence. We don’t want to win a war with casualties and the loss of our loved ones as our only trophy. This is the true essence of warfare. Chiropractic philosophy focuses on health care, and not sick care. The Chiropractic profession truly lives the mantra of prevention is better than cure.

So together with my wife and armed with nothing but our newfound sense of purpose, we packed our bags, said “adios” to my buddy, left our families and friends behind in Singapore and embarked on a whole new exciting adventure. We are Chiropractors, the protectors of the health of our family, our practice members and their loved ones. We are the Subluxation Slayers!

About the Author

Dr. Roy Chan is a local born and bred Singaporean who graduated from the esteemed Sherman College of Chiropractic, U.S.A. with honours (Cum Laude). He is the clinic director of Chan Family Chiropractic.

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