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An increasing number of people are becoming aware of this relationship between diet and disease and revamping their diets. Following is a brief overview of five Eating-for-Health Guidelines that can help you stay, or get back on the road to health. Read More here read more →

Dr. Gustitus reports that since the time of Palmer’s text, chiropractic has expanded its understanding of subluxation to be more than misalignment of spinal bones and pinched nerves. He writes that subluxation is now agreed to be the result of both internal and external influences affecting the function of the nervous system as a whole… read more →

Children’s bodies respond quickly to their diet one way or the other. Feed them well and they’ll thrive. Feed them poorly and they’ll nose dive. The younger children are when they begin to eat harmful foods and miss out on the nourishing foods their body needs, the more likely they are to develop chronic disease.. read more →

Before Chiropractic College, my only interpretation of the word “Atlas” is the colourful Geography textbook that holds a collection of beautiful maps. I used to leaf through those pages and imagine all the places that I would travel to one day. So imagine my confusion when on my first day in class, everyone starts talking.. read more →

14 Mar 2017
March 14, 2017

It is the little thing that matters!

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Have you even wondered why so often in life it is the little thing that matters? Like the small slit of paper cut on your finger that irks you all day, the small mouth ulcer at the corner of your tongue that totally ruin your appetite when your mom cooks your favorite dish. This time.. read more →

Killer, right…that’s me in the eyes of my long-time buddy cum colleague. It befuddles him when I told my close friend that I have decided to move on to another awesome profession, to be a Chiropractor. read more →